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What it is / May assist with:

  • Natural herbal anabolic
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Muscle Enhancer
  • Weight Loss Aid
  • Increases Testosterone


What it is formulated to do:

20-hydroxyecdysone is a naturally occurring phytoecdysteroid that is derived from a  variety of plants. Regarding its effectiveness in humans, it has been successful due to its high efficacy in promoting muscle growth and aiding fat loss with a lower risk of side effects compared to other anabolic compounds. Clinical studies found that the compound further increased in its effectiveness when combined with a high protein diet.

As well as being an effective anabolic compound, 20-hydroxyecdysone has been proven to raise testosterone levels in males. Animal research has provided evidence that phytoectysteroids such as 20-hydroxyecdysone take part in protein biosynthesis (anabolism) as it increases the activity of polyribosome which are the cytoplasmic compartments inside a cell responsible for protein synthesis, a mechanism of action that is different to that of any other anabolic steroidal compounds.

The compounds within Growth Factor are metabolites of testosterone and DHT, which have been used in sports supplements for decades. It converts to a male sex hormone in the body, Dihydrotestosterone, which is a key hormone in building muscle tissue. It is highly effective in promoting lean muscle tissue, very similar to that of anabolic steroids but without the common side effects, and can be used for both cutting and bulking cycles.

Tongkat Ali is a herb commonly used in South East Asian medicine but, more recently, has been used in the sport supplement industry due to its ability to increase male libido, increase physical performance and promote weight loss. It has been shown to create an increase in natural free testosterone and lower the impact of chronic stress, commonly brought on by stress, dieting, sleep deprivation and exercise training. It works to increase free testosterone levels in the body by blocking the bind to unwanted pathways such as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

An ideal male multi-function, versatile product that can be added to any stack or training regimen. Results generally become noticeable at about 3-6 weeks.







This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Consume two capsules, preferably with food. Best taken first thing in the morning.
Tongkat Ali
RADical Mimi-Tec Matrix contains:(20-hydroxyecdysone ((2b,3b,5b,22r)-2,3,14,20,22,25-hexahydroxycholest-,7-en-6-one), (Indol 3 Carbinol)
Growth Factor™ Natural Occurring Peptide Blend)
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27 Jan 2020

Liked it a lot

probably the strongest test booster I have used

20 Oct 2019

Felt like a god

this shit was dope. Felt amazing on it good stuff guys

10 Oct 2019

was good but to much$$

I like it but very expensive


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