The Evolution of Herbal Supplements


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The Evolution of Herbal Supplements

More often than not, we see the rise of products that take our industry by storm. They change the very landscape that has been, and afterwards things are compared to them. They become the standard against which all to come are held against, at least in their categories.

Not too long ago, the word SARM had started to grow in popularity. These products came in and they worked. They had achieved everything that they promised to do, from growth hormone secretagogues to testosterone increasing magic pills. The best part! No or little side effects! (according to the research).

Unfortunately like all good things that work, it had started to become scrutinised by the powers to be. The attention drawn to it could be summed up by a number of contributing factors, such as high level athletes being popped or young kids being sold supplements which could adversely affect them.  Whilst understandable on the regulations placed, it did cause a void for your ‘target consumer’.

This void had to be filled! One with a counterpart which could achieve the same level of results and also fulfill a growing trend in the industry. Enter the natural revolution…. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my drift.  A concept had begun to form by the group at 13 lives. A sports nutrition company that had the idea to generate a product line which mimicked the result of a particular SARM using a combination of natural ingredients at the correct dosages.

As it turns out, easier said than done! Who knew that trying to replicate a synthetic ingredient with herbal ones is challenging right? The process proved grueling, with many edits to not only dosages, but to the concepts themselves.  They had to ensure that not only are the ingredients formidable enough in a blend but to also offer satellite benefits, such as increased cognitive support in one product, or thyroid enhancers in another. Long story short, they had to nail it and improve on what has existed.

So I get what you’re thinking at this point, blah blah blah, thanks for the history lesson, but how do they work and how do they compare to synthetic SARMS. Well my little anchovies, let me open your eyes to the wonderful world of Natural SARMS by 13 lives.

So like any good story starts, at the beginning, then do a fast-forward to the end, then periodically add scenes from the middle. Kind of like a Guy Ritchie film or Fight Club…. Everyone likes Fight Club. So as I said before, the goal was to create an alternative with the same results or as close to as possible to your synthetic variants.


Now comes the middle part of the story. We had to find the right chemists and specialists who could come up with the set of ingredients and dosages that would achieve our overall goal. It took three chemists and many trial and errors to achieve what is the end part of the story, a multi-ingredient based Natural SARM.  Our first generation of SARMS (trials were based on one key ingredient and a few satellite additives for absorption).  The results were promising and we had seen herbal based SARMS on the market do well with simply having one key ingredient. But we thought, if we are going to bring this next generation of products to market, we really need to make it into something cutting edge. Something that can’t be replaced or replicated for years to come.

Thousands of dollars of R&D later. We have created the generation of natural SARMS that you now see before you. The key difference is that 13 Lives Mimi-Tec blend has up to 7 different ingredients depending on the product. Let’s take a look at our GreenCardarine for example. The product is designed to effectively mimic the results and effects from not only GW50156 but also from the popular fat burner SR-9009.  We did that by attacking both aspects of what each product does. So we know that GW is known to increase endurance and performance in athletes, it was always known to assist in fat burning and help increase Vo2 Max. In addition SR9009 was known to be a fantastic far burner touted as “exercise in a bottle.” 

Now imagine you have to create a product that is designed to do both and give similar effects, there is no possible way that you can get all the above from one single herbal compound. You WILL require multiple compounds at very effective dosages to achieve that result. QUEUE DRUM ROLL!!!!!! We attacked it from a thyroid support, thermogenesis enhancing, and cortisol suppressing amalgamation WITH absorption agents to maximise the body’s ability to intake the ingredients and utilize its maximum potential.

Piperine ................................................................... 30 mg

isopropylnosynephrine............................................  40 mg

GreenCardarine Mimi-Tec Matrix contains: ………… 900 mg
((8-methyl-n-vanillyl-trans-6-nonenamide), dihydrocapsaicin,
nordihydrocapsaicin, Emodin 95%, ThyroSupport ™ Peptide Blend)

As you can see, the ingredient profile is not only advanced but also highly expensive and cutting edge. The feedback from consumers has been nothing short of astounding! The product line will always aim to bring the latest and most interesting matchup of ingredients that will maximise result. We really spared no expense, because our concept was when someone buys one of our products we did not want them to think “maybe it worked?” we want them to KNOW it worked. We want them to feel it and talk about it with confidence.



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