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Lifestyle - Ordered Chaos?

Growing up as a young lad, I like all others, have memories of those impacting words a brother, mother, uncle or father would say, and for one reason or another these words shaped us and formed the core of our belief systems.

Summer of ‘94, well it was probably winter but let’s face it, a better mind image is always a summer backdrop. For the sake of this blog, lets just agree I was on an Australian beach on a perfect day, no clouds and nothing but that giant ball of fire we call our sun to keep me company. My mother would be sunbaking, and I would be trying to build a sand bridge and dig deep enough to reach some water. As the day progressed, my mother and I spoke about things big and small, stories and school. All the nature of things that would seem so important to a young boy. While I can’t remember the conversation, I do remember that we were discussing the merits of being a person and what it means to not just exist but to exist well.  My mother forever being the amateur poet and songwriter had imparted upon me a piece I hold to this day, a piece I take fundamentally with the company I keep and the supplements the company I share with my partners produce. It was a simple saying - “first there is your thought, your thoughts then turn to words, your words to action, your actions to history”.

Indeed, such simple arithmetic, almost as simple as 1+1=2. But as we are all astutely aware, we are flawed as humans, we break down, we suffer, we love, we hate, we cry and often laugh. So, at this point you’re thinking, I’m reading a supplement related blog but why do I feel I bought a second-hand romance novel at my local op shop. The answer is simple, we as a supplement company can make products for you, your friends, family, fellow humans, but by god it’s up to all of us to understand that without the right mindset and psychological health, all supplements turns to crutches that imprison rather than help. What I mean by that, to be clear, is people depend on supplements rather then using them to assist or supplement as the word intends. We don’t want to see that, we want to see our products being used to reach goals and overcome challenges, both mental and physical.

For the sake of this article, I will zone in on one product and offer some anecdotal stories to how I have seen unhealthy relationships with supplements transpire. We as supplement users and brand owners meet many people who each have their own existing experiences with supplements over the years they have been training. One common theme I often encounter, is that people have started to change the perception in which supplements are held. The feeling out there, as I’m sure you reading have seen or heard before, is of a person taking three scoops of a pre-workout when the recommended is one, or someone who boasts about being able to handle four-to-six times the recommended dose.

These actions have become a dangerous and self-destructive social norm. In many cases overloading and oversaturating one’s adrenal grands which then yields negative effects, specifically with fat burning and body composition. The question then remains, why do it? If the goal of supplements is to look good, then why abuse them to the point that you begin to hinder your results thus goals. My opinion, although subjective, is that supplements, like alcohol and drugs, have become grouped in a category which allows people to use these quick response and instant gratification substances as a crutch to scrape through with their fitness and personal goals. Harsh, I know.

It is my opinion again, that this phenomenon has transformed from a physical problem to a psychological one. In the western world, we are worked hard and we aim to achieve a lifestyle which social media promotes as the pinnacle of life fulfilment, and it is in this exact pursuit of such a life, that we end up damaging our minds and our bodies, which in turn pushes us further away from our true and original goal, which is true happiness. Why do people do any of the above? Is it to make them happy? People generally are happy when they look good or feel good. So why do we walk down self-destructive roads to make ourselves feels happy with chemical highs?

This is what I am trying to address in this article. We want our supplements to be used with the knowledge that you must be cautious, that you as a person are okay, you’re doing fine, but we are here to give you a hand if you need it. But under no circumstance should you think we are here for you to use us as a crutch. No no no. We want you to be free and live your best life, so let’s look at how to do that shall we?

What does it mean to be happy? What does it mean to live your best life?  Well the truth is, only you, the reader, the person who is looking at these words and having their life choices flash before their eyes knows. You have to choose it, truly know it, say it and envision it. If it is to do with feeling stronger and better, more confident and less stressed, yes there are supplements we have to help with that. But you use them to assist your journey. We want you to use our products with a good physical plan and a good mental health plan, to really reach that point in your life where you are able to create something for this world that is beautiful, that will help the others in this world. Only once you reach that point, can you make the rest of the world a better place, this is our way of doing it, now go ahead and do yours!

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